Australian based artist, Thea Weiss, was born in Denver, Colorado.

Her early passions were fashion and journalism and she graduated from Parsons The New School for Design (formerly Parsons School of Design) in New York (1972).

Thea received a Scholarship from Parsons to represent the School at the prestigious Central Saint Martins (formerly St Martin's School of Art) in London (1973), which culminated in a 20 year career in fashion illustration and writing.

An interest in fine arts led to her return to university in Sydney for a BFA in painting (2006) at the National Art School and an MA in printmaking at UNSW Art & Design (formerly COFA), graduating in 2012.


Thea has had solo exhibitions in Jewish and Holocaust museums in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, Wellington, New Zealand and in the U.S. in Richmond, Virginia and Houston, Texas. Her prints have been exhibited in group shows in Australia, China and Taiwan.







Thea is a studio-based printmaker and painter. Her printing methods concentrate on etchings, both on zinc and caustic soda on linoleum. Her paintings utilise encaustic and oils on wafer board.

The inspiration for the majority of Thea's work has focussed on her memories, those of her American mother and her Czech born mother-in-law's experiences in the Holocaust. Much of the work utilises words and numbers, which have been eloquently relayed to Thea, both orally and in writing. The many layers of her mother's and mother-in-law's lives resonate in Thea's work with the overlapping of forms and textures. Letters are stamped onto canvas, etching plates or wooden boards to replicate the stories told and the images interpreted. Thea's prints are in a square format, reminiscent of old photos from the 50s and 60s.


There are patterns everywhere in nature and numbers, waiting to be recognised and deciphered. Gematria, the Jewish tradition built upon the belief that numbers are a path to understanding the pattern, play an integral part in informing her practice.